Professor Mohammed Hassab Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the organizing committee, I welcome you to the ninth annual meeting: RhinoAlex 2018. This is the Alexandria University Rhinology Platform which is meant to display the most recent innovations and modern management techniques in this field. Further, this is the forum for scientific interaction among both national and international scientists in this domain. In line with our commitment, this year we succeeded in inviting world class experts to serve as Faculty for this meeting. Besides, the scientific contribution of the Arab and Egyptian colleagues will definitely enrich the program. On the other hand, October is a perfect timing to be in Alexandria and to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean water front. So, RhinoAlex 2018 offers the participants the mix of a superb scientific program and ample time for enjoying the magnificent beaches and royal gardens of Montazah. We wish you a pleasant stay in Alexandria and we look forward to seeing you in our future meetings.

Professor Mohammed Hassab

President of RhinoAlex Conference

Professor Samy Elwany Welcome Message

Dear Friends and Colleagues
Welcome to Rhinoalex 2018. The practice and science of Rhinology have immensely and speedily expanded during the past few decades, and we are all striving to update and refine our practical experience and theoretical knowledge. The primary and, probably the only, aim of Alexandria Society of Rhinology (ASR) is to create a new venue for communicating together, learning about new advances and techniques in the field of rhinology and exchanging our ideas and experience. Membership of ASR is not limited to rhinologists practicing or residing in Alexandria. We do welcome new members from all over Egypt and we are sure they will enrich the Society and the meeting. I am sure that this meeting well as successful as previous meetings. I also hope it will complement, and add to, other excellent rhinology meetings and workshops organized by other colleagues. I wish you will enjoy the meeting and your stay in Alexandria, and I wish you all the best.

Professor Samy Elwany, MD, FACS

President of the Alexandria Society of Rhinology
President of the Egyptian Society of Otorhinolaryngology

Welcome to RhinoAlex 2017

Dear Colleagues, On behalf of the members of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology at the Alexandria Faculty of Medicine, I welcome you to the eighth annual meeting: RhinoAlex 2018...

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