Scientific Committee

  • Professor Hisham Abdel Fattah
  • Professor Hazem Al Mehairy
  • Professor Ashraf Ragab
  • Dr. Saud Al Saif (Saudi Arabia)
  • Professor Mohamed El Shazley
  • Dr. Usamah Hadi (Lebanon)
  • Dr. Fuad Al-Qattan (Kuwait)
  • Professor Ahmed Gamea
  • Professor Ossama Abdel Nassir
  • Professor Amr El Hakeem
  • Professor Yasser Khafagy
  • Professor Hossam Abdel Hai
  • Professor Alaa El Feky
  • Professor Ossama Abdel Hamid
  • Doctor Hussein Abdul Rahman
  • Professor Ahmed El Daly
  • Doctor Wael Khamis
  • Doctor Mohamed Eid
  • Professor Mohamed Zaki Helal
  • Professor Osama Mansour
  • Professor Mohamed Askr
  • Professor Ahmed Soliman
  • Professor Khaled Al Abdulhadi

Welcome to RhinoAlex 2017

Dear Colleagues, On behalf of the members of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology at the Alexandria Faculty of Medicine, I welcome you to the eighth annual meeting: RhinoAlex 2018...

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Alexandria Society of Rhinology was established in 2008 is a professional medical society that encourages and facilitates communication between various medical disciplines dealing with diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses.

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